A Swinging Time

An Alien couple travelled down to earth to visit a swinging party.

They swapped partners with an earth couple and went off to their respective bedrooms. The alien man takes off his clothes to reveal a less than impressive sized penis. The woman is clearly not impressed.

The alien then twists his right ear and his penis grows to 10 inches in length. The woman is suddenly pleased with what she sees.

The alien then twists his left ear and his penis becomes 2 inches thick before then giving the woman the best time she has ever had.

Afterwards she meets back up with her husband and asks him what experience he had.

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Tall man, short man …..

Two men walk into a bar, the first man is tall, loud and talkative. The other man is short, quiet and funny looking.

The first man says to the second, “donkey get us a pint in lad, I’m going for a slash.”

The second man walks to the bar and orders two pints. The barman is observing the men and over the next week he notices that the tall man refers to the short man as donkey.

A couple of weeks pass and finally the mystery gets the better of the barman and he asks the short man, “Why does he call you donkey then?”

The short man looks up and says “Oh heehaw heehaw heehawlways calls me that.”