Father Christmas to the Rescue …..

A really hot beautiful blonde was about to jump off a bridge to kill herself. As she got ready to jump, Father Christmas came walking down and he said, “Now hold up a minute young lady, step down from there. I am the real Father Christmas.”

Surprised, she stepped down and said, “What?”

Father Christmas said, “This may sound weird, but I am the real Father Christmas. I am allowed to make one surprise visit per Christmas, and you looked like you needed a little help. What’s wrong?”

She said, “I have been working at my job for 3 great years and I got fired today. I thought to myself, whatever doesn’t kill me can make me stronger. So I went home to my great husband of 5 years only to find him in bed with my best friend! So I said to myself, ‘I lost my job, my boyfriend and my best friend, I have nothing else to live for!'”

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