A politician was riding home in his official car and noticed two men sitting on the side of the road eating grass, he told his driver to stop and investigate.

His driver went to the two men and asked, “Sirs why are you eating grass?”

The first man replied, “I have no money and must eat grass”.

The driver told the politician. The politician would not hear of it and said, “Come to my house and I will feed you”.

The man stated, “Sir I have a wife and three children”, and then the second man spoke up and said, “I have a wife and six children”.

The politician replied, “It is ok bring them all, there is enough for everyone”.

It takes about twenty minutes to get everyone into the car and they are on their way.Shortly after the two men are totally overtaken and are saying to the politician, “Sir we do not know how to thank you and we are not able to repay you, thank you for your kindness”. Continue reading

The Art of Selling …..

A kid gets a job in a small department store. On his first day, the manager shows him around,and explains that the company policy was to sell a product, with a product. The kid looked confused… so the manager said he would show him what he meant.

Now, it just so happened that a customer approached the manager and asked if they sold grass seed.

“Certainly”, pointing to the wide range of seed boxes, “and what sort of lawn mower would you like?”

The customer looked baffled, so the manager went on “Well, you will sow the grass, the grass will grow,and you will need a lawn mower to cut it”,

“I hadn’t thought of that”, says the customer, “I’ll take the lawn mower as well then”…and the customer leaves the store happy.

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