His First Time …..

A shy 16 year old boy walks into a chemist shop to buy a pack of condoms.

Behind the counter was a beautiful woman. She could see the boy was new to this, so she handed him a pack and asked if he knew how to wear one. The boy replied, “No.”

So she unwrapped the box, took one out and slipped it over her thumb. She then told the boy to make sure it was on tight and secure.

The boy still looked confused. So she looked all around the store, it was empty and then said, “Just a minute.” She then walked to the shops front door and locked it.

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Lost Wife …..

A man is out shopping at a supermarket with his wife, but loses her in the many aisles.

He walks upto an attractive young lady and says, “I’ve lost my wife in here somewhere. Can you talk to me a couple of minutes?”

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