The many uses of Dough.

A teacher asks her class to make a sentence using the word dough.

LittleĀ  Alice says, “In Italy they make pizza out of special dough”. Excellent says the teacher.

Little Mary says, “My brother makes dinosaurs out of playdough”. Well done says the teacher.

Little Johnny raises his hand, “Yes Johnny, what do you want to say?” asks the teacher. Continue reading

Don’t wait up

A maths teacher texts his wife;

Dear wife you are 54 yrs old and you can no longer satisfy my needs, so when you get this I shall be in a Motel with my 22yo assistant. I’m sorry I will be home late.

His wife sends him a reply; Continue reading


My attractive Chinese naeighbour called around the other day. I let her in and asked her what was up.

She said, “Could you help me please?” I replied of course, what do you need?

She replied, “I desperateley need a Roger”.

Thinking my luck was in i smiled and said, “No problem there”.

But as i began to unbuckle my trousers she began to scream. Continue reading