Second Opinion …..

This one guy has a wife who he’s shared great sex with for years. He decides that to check if his wife really is the sex goddess he believes her to be, and decides to have sex with 5 of the best prostitutes in the area to see if they are better or worse than his wife.

The first prostitute isn’t even close, and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ones aren’t either. By the time the man reaches the 5th, he’s confident that his wife really is the best at sex.

He goes to the brothel, gets directed to a room and enters. While getting undressed, the prostitute asks him, “Do I know you? You look familiar to me”.

The man thinks to himself, I’ve never been here before…Then he remembers that his twin brother is still single and probably comes to these kinds of places a lot. So he says, “No, it’s probably my twin brother you recognize.”

The prostitute shrugs, and they start to do their thing. The man can’t believe how good the sex is. He thinks to himself, WOW, this whore is MUCH better than my wife is, I guess she isn’t the best after all.

After they finish, and start dressing up, the man says to the prostitute, “My wife, Rose, is unbelievable at sex, but I admit, you are MUCH better.”

The prostitute smiles and says, “Your brother said the same thing.”

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