Chinese Torture …..

A man was lost and tired from walking all day after his car had broken down in the middle of a highway,when he came across a small house in the middle of nowhere.

He knocked on the door to find an old Chinese man living in the house.The man asked if he could stay the night and would be gone in the morning.

The old man said,”I’ll let you stay if you promise not to touch my daughter.”

The man agreed and went to the room he would be sleeping in on the third floor.

Later that night,a young,beautiful woman entered the room and they started making love.

In the morning,the old Chinese man found out and put a giant rock on the man and then woke him up.

The man picked up the rock and threw it out the window. Under the rock he found a note that read, “First step in Chinese torture, right testicle tied to rock.”

The man thought quickly and jumped out the window. As he was falling, the old Chinese man was standing outside holding a sign that read “Second step in Chinese torture, left testicle tied to bed.”

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