8 thoughts on “Gays in the Army …..

  1. dude no one in there right mind woould do that if they were gay. look at all the gay porn from the military dude the gays in the aarmy arent stupied and they know what there suposte do

  2. This is true, but then that’s why it’s a cartoon and NOT REAL LIFE!!!!!

    Or maybe you can’t distinguish between reality and what isn’t.

    Plus a little too much info there on the kind of porn you like.

  3. I think that this is a hysterically funny cartoon, Myself and My PARTNER got a good laugh out of it. Of course his scarf clashes with the rest of his outfit….LOL

  4. ya kno its costin us millions of dollars each years2 keep u freak’s homosexuality hidden?!?! the militarys for men anyways NOT FARIES!! just get out u anti-GOD boys loving pervs

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